Concept image of the Withers Swash condo. (Source: Mandy Noell) Concept image of the Withers Swash condo. (Source: Mandy Noell)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach’s Community Appearance Board approved plans for a new neighborhood that will be built on Withers Swash downtown Myrtle Beach.

Withers Swash is an area that the city has tried to clean up in recent years. It expands past Kings Highway into almost a lake-like body of water.

A developer got the green light to move forward with building Lakeview Villas right on the Swash.

Withers Swash is between 3rd and 5th Avenues South. The water running through It rises and falls with the tides.

The city has worked to clean it up environmentally and they’ve added recreational amenities on the northern side. The new condominium development will have 224 units. City officials say they’re pleased to see development happening off the oceanfront.

“It’s nice to see things happen that are not on the oceanfront,” said David Sebok, President of the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation. “They are interior and in some of these other neighborhoods that have pretty good access to the oceanfront- ocean boulevard and the boardwalk- but they’re not on it. So it’s nice to see that growth going what we call up the avenues and spreading inland.”

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