E.F. Hucks offers a variety of Myrtle Beach appraisal services to clients outside of the traditional realm of real estate appraisal. In fact, one of the things our team tackles best is serving as an expert witness in legal proceedings. If you’re an attorney who has never thought of working with a real estate appraiser as an expert witness or are having trouble identifying one that might help best serve your case and end goal, this article may be helpful.

How Appraisers Help Attorneys Prepare for Expert Witness Testimony” was originally published on the Appraisal Institute’s website (http://info.appraisalinstitute.org/blog/bid/189989/How-Appraisers-Help-Attorneys-Prepare-for-Expert-Witness-Testimony), but here is a quick run down of what an attorney might want to look for when using a real estate appraiser as an expert witness in a case:

“I like to use the acronym ‘FACTS’ when I outline the most important attributes I want in an appraiser who’ll testify. That’s F-A-C-T-S.

‘F’ stands for ‘factually detailed.’

I look for appraisers who pay close attention to the small details in their appraisals — like no typos in their reports — and who also include factually supporting details, like the best comparative sales available.

‘A’ stands for ‘articulate.’

I appreciate appraisers who can withstand a fierce cross-examination from a crafty attorney, but yet can explain complicated appraisal lingo to a jury in a way they can easily understand.

‘C’ stands for ‘competent.’

I want appraisers who are well-credentialed and have sufficient experience in all types of appraisals. However, sometimes I need someone with a specialty — such as experience appraising eminent domain takings where minerals are involved — and I’ll search for an appraiser with proven knowledge and certification in that area.

‘T’ stands for ‘trustworthy.’

In a world where appraisers work on both sides of the fence — like in government, financial and private sectors — it’s especially important to find appraisers who can be trusted … to know that they’re truly working for you, no matter who’s on the other side of the courtroom.

‘S’ stands for ‘support.’

Attorneys need assistance in preparing a case for trial, and appraisers can provide strong legal support when planning cross-examination of opposing counsels’ appraisers. They can also be very helpful in developing a line of questions for their own testimony.”



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