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E.F. Hucks appraisal assignments make up generally all property types throughout Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand, from existing and proposed resort and residential developments, industrial properties, office buildings, condominiums, shopping centers, subdivisions, apartments, residential leased-fee conversions, special purpose properties and vacant acreage, as well as property assemblages and portfolio reviews.

All appraisers at E.F. Hucks & Associates have worked in the market for several years, and they understand the area’s unique characteristics. Our clients receive appraisals that are based on our understanding of this market and that reflection of the estimated value.

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Clients placing reliance on an appraised property used as collateral deserve to be aware of risks identified by the appraiser. Accuracy is important in collateral assessments, as it could result in added conditions being placed on the deal, or even walking away to prevent likely losses. The experience offered at E.F. Hucks provides clients with increased accuracy in collateral review, meaning better risk management capabilities for those who rely on the Myrtle Beach area’s top real estate appraisal and consulting firm.

Estate planning in an important part of overall financial planning, and there are several reasons why hiring a qualified and experienced appraiser can make the planning more sound. The appraisers at E.F. Hucks can not only provide clients some insurance against potential IRS audits and offer professional support in case of audit; they can assist an attorney in structuring an estate plan that will maximize tax benefits for clients.