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E.F. Hucks consults in a wide range of areas where property value is the primary issue.  From market studies to highest and best use analysis, the E. F. Hucks Appraisal and Consulting team has the ability to assess a market’s activity, determine its direction, visualize and analyze the activity via GIS, and not only estimate the value of a subject within that market but ascertain market positioning for future sales.

The experience of the E.F. Hucks team in providing market and feasibility studies for major planned developments by incorporating historic market data as well as current trends gives it the edge in estimating values. In changing market conditions, it’s especially important to be able to provide marketing guidance for such developments from an appraisal perspective.

Studies by the E.F. Hucks consulting team are required for a variety of purposes where timely forecasts, insightful demand and supply assessment, econometric modeling, and informed recommendations are critical for land planning and investment decision-making. 

A highest and best use study seeks to identify which use would bring maximum value to a piece of vacant land or an improved property. E. F. Hucks offers highest and best use studies for a variety of office, retail, multi-family, industrial, and land properties throughout Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick counties, and a highest and best use analysis can be either completed within an appraisal, or as a stand-alone assignment. 

E.F. Hucks has a successful track record in real property tax appeal resolution in Horry, Georgetown and Brunswick counties. The Myrtle Beach real estate appraisal and consulting firm also has experience as an expert witness in tax appeals for assessment purposes, estate taxes, capital gains, trusts, and more. The goal at E.F. Hucks is to ensure that appraisals are supported by data strong enough to withstand the review of government agents.

Credibility is important when called to testify in arbitration cases, and E.F. Hucks has a reputation for being reliable. E.F. Hucks provides support in appraisal disputes, partnership dissolution and other cases where property appraisal is required. Senior members of the firm are even appointed to be arbitrators in important Myrtle Beach area real estate disputes and have the reputation for understanding complicated issues.

Real estate matters challenged through litigation require a consultant who can support their client completely. While many consultants can prepare reports, successfully defending real estate matters requires more knowledge and experience. E.F. Hucks has supported clients in a number of cases involving real estate appraisal and in doing so has earned a reputation as a highly credible expert witness in court proceedings when the outcomes matter.

Barefoot Resort ~ North Myrtle Beach, SC

Brunswick Forest ~ Brunswick County, NC

Ocean Ridge ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

Sea Trail Plantation ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

Thistle ~ Brunswick County, NC

Wild Wing Plantation ~ Conway, SC

Withers Preserve/Market Commons ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

North Beach Plantation ~ North Myrtle Beach, SC

Grande Dunes ~ Myrtle Beach, SC

DeBordieu Colony ~ Georgetown County, SC

Prince George Community ~ Georgetown County, SC

Pawleys Plantation ~ Pawleys Island, SC